August 13th, 2021


Dear Small Business Advocates,


We understand that the Delta variant is causing increasing concern and uncertainty for the small business community.  Rest assured, we will continue fighting for policies that proactively address the challenges presented by the resurgence of the pandemic. This will include strongly urging policymakers to provide prompt, short-term financial support to struggling small businesses should that become necessary.  We continue monitoring situation daily.

Back to Business Grant Program

The Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity launched the Back to Business grant program for struggling small businesses on Wednesday.  Yesterday the SBAC participated in a joint hearing of the Illinois Senate Appropriations and Commerce Committees to learn more about the program.  We explained how important it is for the program to be transparent and promptly provide funds to as many small businesses as possible.  We also stressed the importance of keeping the program adequately funded.


We appreciated the opportunity to engage with Senators and DCEO on this crucial grant program.  You can learn more about the Back to Business grant program on DCEO’s website.


The SBAC will be closely watching how the program is implemented. 

Small Business Package and the Illinois Senate

The SBAC and the Illinois Association of Chamber of Commerce Executives held a joint forum with Senate President Don Harmon, Senator Sims and Senator Castro.  This session allowed Senate leadership to field questions from chamber executives.  Senate leadership also discussed policies which will help small businesses and local communities recover from the pandemic.


You can watch the video here. (


Senate leadership expressed a desire to partner with the small business community and we are putting together a small business package.  You can present an idea through our form here



A Win for Chicago Small Businesses

An ordinance was passed which eliminates the need for Chicago small businesses to obtain City Council approval for almost all sign permits. Beginning on January 1, 2022, the approval of Chicago’s City Council will only be needed in the unlikely event an Alderman/Alderwomen disagrees with the recommendations of BACP, the City of Chicago department that issues public way use permits.  This will shave up to 60 days from the time it takes for a small business to obtain a sign permit.


A robust and diverse coalition of business and community advocates fought to reduce this red tape.  It demonstrates the power of critical mass and what we can all accomplish together.

Please contact us for more information about becoming involved in the SBAC’s advocacy efforts!


Thank you for your support.

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